His Eminence, Daniel, Metropolitan Archbishop, Metropolitanate of Moscow

 Head of the Church's Western Rite in the British Isles and Western Europe.

The Right Reverend Michael (Wood)
Administrator for the British Isles.


Western Rite Orthodoxy in the British Isles has been determined by the Holy Synod in Moscow to be administered by Metropolitan Daniel, who has appointed Abbot Michael to assist him.  Abbot Michael was raised to his present status by the Holy Synod in April 2013.

The Synod discussed the whole question of the United Kingdom and Western Europe, having been addressed by Metropolitan Daniel on the subject of the secularisation of western society at all levels and the problems facing the Church of recalling the west to its Christian roots. 

The British Isles and Western Europe will be administered from within the UK with the Administrator living in a monastic hermitage and travelling all over the UK and Europe, with outreach already in both the United Kingdom and Europe.

An advisory group of laity is in the process of being set up to work on ways and means of operating in the UK and Europe.

Those interested in a serious UK Orthodox Church rooted in our culture, with a resident hierarchy, should contact us by email at  or by phone on 07956 4189626